Nicolas_laos_methexiology_image0 Dr. Nicolas Laos is an expert in noopolitics: the conduct of politics in the network (or system of networks) that is created by the communication among conscious entities. Thus, noopolitics is concerned with people’s fundamental significations (or values), culture, institutions, and technologies.

If you want to understand the ultimate secrets of noopolitics and to find out an existential strategy for the perfection of humanity, then study Dr. Nicolas Laos’s groundbreaking book:
Methexiology: Philosophical Theology and Theological Philosophy for the Deification of Humanity,
Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers/Pickwick Publications, 2016.



Utilizing his noopolitical expertise and responding to Samuel Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilizations, Dr. Nicolas Laos has created “Nicolas Laos Associates,” an international research, consulting, and training network that interconnects experts in noopolitics, geopolitics, cultural diplomacy, politology, and economic analysis, and it promotes and applies Dr. Nicolas Laos’s methexiology, “that the wise man may hear, and increase in learning; that the man of understanding may attain to sound counsel” (Proverbs 1:5). Our expertise, our network of credible sources, and our continually expanding databases in noopolitics, world affairs, and cybernetics benefit our regular members and provide them with valuable intelligence.


“Nicolas Laos Associates” is a peculiar, innovative, and unconventional political network whose ethos and methodology are founded on Dr. Nicolas Laos’s methexiology. Therefore, whereas other political and private intelligence networks promote and serve a world ruled by usurers, big corporations, military officers, and spies, “Nicolas Laos Associates” espouses a Platonic thesis according to which the apex of the socio-political hierarchy should be occupied by a philosophical aristocracy, which should be the supreme guardian of society’s ontological and ethical underpinnings. Additionally, “Nicolas Laos Associates” promotes a Christocentric life of: Obedience (Matthew 6:10, 26:42, Hebrews 10:9, Ephesians 5:17), Service (Luke 1:2, Ephesians 6:6, 1 Corinthians 4:1–2, 9:22, Acts 26:15–18), Power (Matthew 10:16, Luke 21:12, John 15:20, 16:32, 2 Timothy 1:7, Philippians 4:13), Sacrifice (John 10:17–18, 17:19), Holiness (1 John 3:3, 1 Peter 1:15–16, 2 Corinthians 6:14–18, 17:1, Philippians 3:4–8), Sufferings (2 Corinthians 4:10–11, Philippians 1:29, Romans 8:18), and Victory (Philippians 2:9–11, 1 Corinthians 15:57, Romans 8:37).

Click on the following links in order to read the corresponding PDF:

  1. Methexiology, Noopolitics, and World Order (PDF)
  2. Methexiology and Geostrategy (PDF)
  3. Methexiology and Libertarianism: the Metaphysics of Freedom (PDF)
  4. The Noopolitics of the Underworld Order and the Hope for a Better World (PDF)
  5. Russia, NATO, the Attempted Coup Against Erdogan, and the Asymmetric Ecclesiastical Warfare Between Moscow and Constantinople: Geostrategy, Noopolitics, and Faith-Based Diplomacy (PDF)
  6. How to Save Globalism: A Proposal Based on Methexiology (PDF)